Health and Safety

Learn to be Healthy is an online health science learning site designed to help educators and parents communicate important health concepts to students. The site contains comprehensive lesson plans, interactive games and activities, webquests and more. The goal of the site is to inspire students – and their families – to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.  This website currently covers six specific health related topics: The Five Senses, Tobacco and Inhalants, Adolescence, Dental Health, Healthy Eating, and Nutrition & Physical Activity.
Nutrition and Activity
Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity (PANA) is a statewide organization supported by a coalition of more than 500 public, private, academic, professional, and volunteer groups, working to promote policies and environments that support healthy eating and activity.
American Academy of Pediatrics
Official Website for the AAP has lots of useful information about the physical, mental, and social health from infants to teenagers.
Health Information
KidsHealth has separate areas for kids, teens, and parents - each with its own design, age-appropriate content, and tone. There are literally thousands of in-depth features, articles, animations, games, and resources - all original and all developed by experts in the health of children and teens.
Healthy Weight
Resource for parents and caregivers to help children ages 8-13 stay at a healthy weight through nutrition, physical activity and less screen time.
Operation Safe Surf
Operation Safe Surf was designed to help educate kids, parents and schools about the importance of being safe online.  Operation Safe Surf provides parents and schools with resources and tools to use as they address online safety with children. They have partnered with national leaders on Internet safety to provide the latest information on the topic.
Internet Keep Safe Coalition
The Internet Keep Safe Coalition is a broad partnership of governors and/or first spouses, attorneys general, public health and educational professionals, law enforcement, and industry leaders working together for the health and safety of youth online.  iKeepSafe® uses these unique partnerships to disseminate safety resources to families worldwide.  iKeepSafe educational resources teach children of all ages in a fun, age-appropriate way, the basic rules of Internet safety, ethics, and the healthy use of connected technologies.
Net Smartz Kids
NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on- and offline. The program is designed for children ages 5-17, parents and guardians, educators, and law enforcement. With resources such as videos, games, activity cards, and presentations, NetSmartz entertains while it educates.
CHIP covers all uninsured children and teens in PA. It’s short for the Children's Health Insurance Program – Pennsylvania's program to provide health insurance to all uninsured children and teens who are not eligible for or enrolled in Medical Assistance. Regardless of the reasons your children might not have health insurance, CHIP may be able to help you.
Family Wize Free Prescription Drug Discount Card
The goal of the FamilyWize® Community Service Partnership is to reduce the cost of medicine for children, families and individuals.  We deliver these savings by distributing free prescription drug discount cards. These cards are provided free of charge both to the organizations and agencies helping to distribute the cards and to the people who receive the cards.
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