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TAMAQUA VLN "The Nest" - Student Testimonials


“My homeroom teacher…was really great at helping me understand things, and she explained things in detail. Any questions I asked her, she always helped me. She took the time to listen to my problem if I had one and helped and understood what I meant. That means a lot.”


“The synchronous classrooms helped me with any work that I did not understand and made the learning experience easier.”


“[Tamaqua Area Virtual Academy] makes me want to learn, especially that I am able to learn at my own pace…This online learning program is the best!”


“I liked completing the short answer questions and quizzes. I also liked the weekly deadlines because I could decide how fast or slow I wanted to complete my work.”


“The teachers tried to help as much as possible. They got back to emails right away. Very helpful.”


“I just can't stop saying how great [Tamaqua Area Virtual Academy] is. I can work even on the weekends, if I want to.”