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    Open House 2020 will be virtual. Please click the link below to watch the introduction video to my courses.

    Open House Course Information Video

    I will be using Google Meet to meet with parents/guardians during open house.

    Please use the join code - 6zjttwb to log in to Google Classroom at the following times:

    Computer Applications I - 5:00 or 6:00 PM

    Advanced Computer Applications I - 5:20 or 6:20 PM

    Computer Applications II - 5:40 PM

    If you are not able to join the Google Meets please email me with any questions at alagowy@tamaquasd.org 

    All students/parents/guardians
     All assignments and communication for all classes for the 2020-2021 school year will be through Google Classroom!


    Students if you have not joined your appropriate course please use the join codes listed below to join and begin courswork.


    Courses/Google Classroom Join Codes

    Computer Applications I

    Computer Applications I Period 1 Semester 1 - 7cpokbe
     Computer Applications I Period 2 Semester 1 - lc7cl6j

    Computer Applications I Period 6 Semester 1 oawkxhf

     Computer Applications I

    Advanced Computer Applications I - Period 3 - iofqwmy

    Advanced Computer Applications I - Period 5 - rmpirjt

    Computer Applications II - In Person Only

    Computer Applications II Period 9 -  j6ndurf


    *Introduction To Marketing -   This class is not being offered in Fall/Spring 2020-2021

    *Principles Of Marketing College  - This class is not being offered in Fall/Spring 2020-2021



    "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

                                                       - John Dewey

    Email: alagowy@tamaquasd.org

    Phone Number: 570-668-1901