• TASD Threat Assessment Team


    Our Team is designed to meet the challenges and provide appropriate measures to assist students personally and provide protective measures in a safe environment.


    • Identify individual(s)/situation(s) where behavior causes concern about violence and capacity to carry out a threat, (i.e., determine whether a student poses a threat of harm or violence to themselves or others, not just whether the student has made a threat);
    • Gather the most relevant information about the student’s communications and behaviors, negative or stressful events the student has experienced, and resources the student possesses to overcome those setbacks and challenges;
    • Collect and share this relevant information in a lawful and ethical manner, including complying with relevant federal and state privacy laws;
    • Assess the individual(s)/situation(s) in context based on the totality of information available; and
    • Identify strategies to prevent violence and mitigate the impact of harm on the student, school, and/or community. 


    Please contact building principals or TASD SPO's with any necessary information.


    HS - tmccabe@tamaquasd.org

    MS - cczapla@tamaquasd.org

    Elem - torefice@tamaquasd.org

    SPO - rkazakavage@tamaquasd.org

           - kwoodward@tamaquasd.org