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     Title I Math (Grade 7) Period 1

    Class Code: 2uwiute

    Time: 7:35-8:25 

    Title I Math (Grade 8) Period 2

    Class Code: z7uhbwi

    Time: 8:28-9:10 

    Title  I Math (Grade 6) Period 3

    Class Code: 2qaa7rb

    Time: 9:13-9:55

     Math 8 Period 4

    Class Code: ugalyd6

    Time: 9:58-10:40

     Math 8 Period 5

    Class Code: 55bkw4u

    Time: 10:43-11:25

     Math 8 Period 8

    Class Code: yaxdtse

    Time: 12:58-1:40


    You are expected to check your Google Classroom and GetMoreMath everyday.

    You MUST attend class during the scheduled time whether you are in person or virtual. 


    If you need any extra help, please make arrangements to meet with me during Flex (Period 9) or after school (2:30-3:00).

    I have created a Google Classroom for Virtual office hours. Please join using code: jzt6qka if you would like extra math help. Please make prior arrangements with me if you would like to meet.


    Contact me!