• Yearbooks are $65 and ads are available for purchase too. If you want to purchase a yearbook, I have order forms available outside my room (219) on the bulletin board.  Here is the link as well: Order here


    Add images to the yearbook using ImageShare. Download the app ImageShare and create an account. Our project number is 128313.  The last day to submit images is 03/01/2021.



    2nd Semester Codes for google classroom: 

    Period 1:Printing 2:qpzbjts

    Period 2: Photo 2: rg26n6b

    Period 3: Graphic Design: yumfgbh

    Period 5: Photo 1: gejja4m

    Period 8: Photojournalism: efkc5de

    Period 9: Printing 1: de2mtpd