Hello TAMS Artists and Welcome 2023-2024!

    Ms. Kim Woodward Room 362  kimwoodward@tamaquasd.org

    I can also be reached by calling TAMS office 570-668-1210

    Help is available each day 2:30-3:00 and by gmailing for more times.


     CODES 2023-24 Welcome to ART!!



    Cycle 6

    1st period Grade 6 vjo2tlt

    2nd period Grade 7 sot7ain

    3rd period Grade 8 wjaw7qd

    4th period Grade 6 odji7iy

    7th period Grade 7 q767bwu

    8th period Grade ie2pg6f




    See you in ART!!!!




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    Since covid we will have some "Old School" Art using traditional supplies and have advanced in adding Digital Art on Gvj7vkmoogle Classroom and Sketchpad 5.1 - we will make the most of this and still have a great time learning and trying different kinds of ART!!!!


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    Below See the Some Awesome ART we accomplished over the Years! GREAT JOB TAMS ARTISTS!

    Lafayeete Mural Lafayette1

    Lafayette Hill never looked so good with the culmination of 2 years of planning and the completion of the Historical Mural of Tamaqua throughout the years. Through a generous grant of the Raider Foundation we planned, met and customized paints with Pratt and Lambert. TAMS artists researched history, met with borough officials, got variance and code approvals and practiced many times in school. Finally we were able to close the  street off and accomplish our goals in one week! First 2 days we froze. The last 2 95 degrees and sunny. Through all of this I was honored to work with such a great group of students who were able to take a vision I had for 10 years and make it reality.  Thanks to all those who delivered and donated everything we needed along the way even catered breakfast, lunch and Rits's ice!  Our town will admire our work for years to come, while other towns will envy!

    Be Kind Squares

    TAMS artists sponsored a year of Kindness. Sponsored by the Blue Raider Foundation we spread kindness through large paintings in each school and donated them upon the end of the school year. We handed out $10 to pay in forward. Some donated mittens to homeless, socks to nursing home, flowers to hospitals, snacks for medical offices. We painted huge wooden letters for the soccer field to promote kindness in sports and to allow other visiting schools to share in our message.

    art center mural

    Check out the bottom floor of the Tamaqua Community ART Center where TAMS art students spent a weekend having fun painting a mural on the wall celebrating the arts and sharing the experience of friendship through art. While down there why not sign up for some of the wonderful classes the art center offers - music, painting, ceramics and drama.


    Tamaqua Has Heart project started with sketching ideas and meeting with other professional artists who all collaborated and worked on community wide installation throughout the community sharing our love of art. Our TAMS artists ideas were sponsored by and alumni class and our finished heart sculpture not only won awards but was bought by the class. The $2500 dollars was donated back to my class along with the sculpture! We used the money to buy more supplies for future years! A win-win. See below.


    Freedom Heart installed at the AMERICAN LEGION TAMAQUA

    PA Harvest of the Month Grant



    PA Harvest of the Month