School Year 2022:

  •  Welcome to the course list for Fine Arts with Ms. Shumgart!

    Please refer to the corresponding classroom codes below to join the class you are enrolled in. If you are enrolled in multiple courses, please ensure that you join all of them.


    Room 111 Senior Homeroom



    Introduction to Art

    Period 7: onk7qae 

    Period 8: 6wlmtzj 


    Drawing and Painting

    Period 1: qufxjq4 

    Period 6: 3wulzxo 



    Advanced Drawing and Painting

    Period 9: mtv2qfl 

    3D Design and Ceramics

    Period 4: io5ehkk 


    Advanced 3D Design and Ceramics

    Please email for this code.




    Independent Art Study:

    Please email for this code.