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    My class codes for Google Classroom are as follows:
    1st period Study Skills: ql3kft6 
    2nd period Science: ug3sp6q                                        
    3rd period Science: hz5lxpr
    4th period Science: avq5i4t
    8th period Science:tix7uz2
    Instructional Support: 4og7yec
    (for students on my roster or for students that need help/support) 
    If you haven't already joined my class, go here: https://classroom.google.com, and click on the + at the top of the page and enter your class code.  
    *Don't forget you need to be signed in to your TAHS Google account to do this.  
    My office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2-3pm.  Please use the 'Instructional Support' Google Classroom, and click on the Google Meet link.  
    Best Wishes & Warmest Regards, 
    Mrs. Sinn