Hello parents, guardians, and students,

    Below please find the Google class codes that will allow you to join the classes that you have with me. I hope you are all being happy, healthy, and positive in preparation for this school year. If you need anything, please reach out via email or comment to me on our Google Class page. My email is the best way to get in touch with me other than talking to me during class. If you would like to email me, please use the following address (agill@tamaquasd.org). Please join the classes that you are part of and check in daily for updates, assignments, and materials. I will post to our class stream each school day with your directives for that day. The stream will include information on how to access needed materials, assignments, and activities. Being in high school comes with added freedoms/responsibilities. The first of these freedoms/responsibilities is the expectation to check the class stream for your daily assignments and to make sure you are keeping up with your work. This includes days when you may be absent from school/class. Additional time to complete classwork may be provided for you, but it is still your responsibility to know what is happening each day in class. The second of these responsibilities is to check your grade as often as needed using FOCUS. I will be sending out progress reports to you and your family at least two times each quarter if your grade is below 75% at the time of these reports. One report will be sent halfway through the quarter with the second report following closer to the end of the marking period. If you need additional assistance at any point, it is your responsibility to reach out to me for that help and I will make sure it is provided for you. My door is always open, and you have all the information needed to get in touch with me to discuss anything related to class/school. Please take the opportunity to let me know if there is anything you need, or are struggling with any concepts covered and I will do my very best to provide the additional support needed to help you achieve your full potential in my class. I know this is going to be an amazing school year and I can not wait for us to dive headfirst into our content. 

    Best Wishes,

    Mr. Gill


    Directions: Log into Google Classroom using your school-provided Username and Password. Use the Google Classroom Codes listed below to join the classes that you have with me. (Look for a plus sign [+] in the upper right-hand corner of Google Classes. The plus sign should read join class. Type the code for your class and click join).  




    MR. GILL'S HOMEROOM (ROOM 213): f6hkigx


    LANGUAGE ARTS 9, (1ST PERIOD): kevhtev


    LANGUAGE ARTS 12, (2ND PERIOD): skre2rb




    LANGUAGE ARTS 11, (4TH PERIOD): xsjkajh


    LANGUAGE ARTS 10, (8TH PERIOD): 5h62z2f


    ***Any student who does not have adequate internet connectivity or a device should be instructed to call 570-668-2570 ext 1050. You should leave your name, grade, and concern about education on the message.  The administration will make a determination on how to best meet the needs of these students.***