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     Hope all of you are doing well during this trying time we are experiencing.  I will be posting assignments on my Google classroom under classwork.  I will be Posting 3 assignments a week.  They will be due atthe end of each week by Fridays.  If you need a class code, click on the class you are enrolled in to get my Google class codes.

    Family and Consumer Science
     The start of a new year brings many exciting projects and lessons that will spark each students interest in Family and Parenting, Food Production, Fashion and Nutrition!  This year will start out with important tips in the kitchen for safety and foodborne illness prevention.  Our Nutrition classes will begin this year with tips on cutting down on childhood obesity and important nutrients in our diets.  Our Family and Parenting classes will find out what type of parents they might want to become and the importance of positiveness in our daily lives:)  Fashion classes will learn about Fashion new and old and will learn about their own Fashion Sense!
    I look forward to an exciting semester of getting to know all my students and making learning FUN!!!
    If you have a questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 570-668-1901 or send an email to jcurcio@tamaqua.k12.pa.us.