• September 28, 2016

    Dear Community Members of Tamaqua Area School District,

    Continuing the trend set forth by prior administrators, along with the continuity of our school board members, we will continue to strive to adapt, accommodate, and adjust with the emerging trends within our educational system and community.   Our administrative focus will point to steady improvement with the following goals for the 2016/17 school year:

    1)       Increase growth on CDT, benchmarks, and Keystone/PSSA exams
    2)       Continue to promote communication both internally and externally among stakeholders
    3)       Operate in a fiscally conservative manner while offering exceptional educational opportunities
    4)       Promote professionalism and organizational leadership in a multi-tiered environment

     Every school year presents distinct challenges and we again plan to meet these challenges along with our administrative goals.

      Student achievement is paramount for student success and a byproduct of a school district's success.  Our focus on increasing student performance with state testing as well as classroom assessments is a focused goal of our administrative and instructional staff.   Our principals and faculty members have been in-serviced on curricular updates and we continue to look for more ways to reach our students as a whole.

      Any successful organization has a strong foundation concerning communication.  We believe that communication is essential to the success of our district and look to find more ways to openly and effectively communicate with our stakeholders.   One of the new ways our district has begun to communicate is via a Twitter account and you can follow us at @TASD_Info.  This account is primarily for one-way communication, typically for important events or any emergencies that our district may face.

       Most school districts in Pennsylvania have faced budgetary issues in recent years.  Our district has similar challenges and we will continue to meet those challenges in the most effective way.  Our administrative team and business staff continues to be fiscally prudent in order to provide the best education our tax dollars can provide.

       Continuing to promote professionalism and leadership on all levels and in many environments is important to both the school Board of Education and all staff working for Tamaqua Area.   We strive to continue to facilitate not just in the classroom but in all environments, whether it be clubs, activities, athletics,  or community involvement promoting a well-rounded student body.

     Thank you for demonstrating the faith in our school district as a whole and we hope to continue making the community proud.

    Mr. Raymond J. Kinder, Superintendent
    Mr. Stephen P. Toth, Assistant Superintendent