Please sign into the Google Classroom.  Sign into your Google school account.  Click on the Google Waffle (9 dot box) in the upper right hand corner.  Select Google Classroom.  Click the plus (+) and select join class.  Input your Google Classroom code below.
    Google Classroom Codes:
    Period 2 (8th Grade) - yj7t3b5
    Period 3 (8th Grade) - ovcfvkk
    Period 5 (7th Grade) - nm2uwws
    Period 6 (8th Grade) - hgt3y5n
    Period 8 (8th Grade) - x256iwe
    Welcome to Mr. Opolsky's Classroom
    7th Grade Social Studies
    8th Grade Social Studies
    Contact InfoFootball
    Mr. Clarence Opolsky
    Tamaqua Area Middle School
    Room 335