TASD Special Education

    The Tamaqua Area School District is committed to providing appropriate programs and services to all children with special needs in the least restrictive environment.  The special education programs include a full continuum of services to students in both district-operated classes as well as classes provided by the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit (IU 29) and other providers.  The district makes every effort to provide these services in the least restrictive environment. 

    Adaptations, accommodations, and supplemental aids and services are provided to the student to ensure success in the general education classroom.  Should the student not be successful in general education with these additional supports, the district provides additional programs and services ranging from the least to the most intensive. 
    We are committed to developing productive relationships among teachers in general and special education, related support staff, families, and community partners.   Developing successful relationships is first and foremost in working with families to provide services for students with special needs.  Positive, honest communication and team collaboration are fostered, practiced, and encouraged at every level.  In our pursuit to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of children, we work closely with families to truly capture and address issues that our students face.  Our individual programs for children are revisited and improved upon on an on-going basis, as part of our endeavor to recognize and respond to the change in our growing students. Our teachers’ personal investment in children is both unique and heartwarming.  We are always interested in the concerns or interests of our students and their families. Suggestions for parent, student, or staff trainings are always welcome.

    General and special education teachers alike believe that all students learn best in an environment that teaches and expects respect for all human differences.  Much of our collaboration in special education involves a coordination of efforts to maximize inclusive practices while ensuring a free and appropriate education.  All students are academically challenged, inspired to grow socially and emotionally, and encouraged to develop a healthy lifestyle.  Tamaqua Area School District supports the inclusion of all of its students in the general education environment, classroom, academic, and extracurricular activities to the extent determined appropriate by each Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.   

    It is the Tamaqua Area School District’s mission to provide meaningful special education services and instructional activities for students with disabilities to help them prepare to be contributing members of our community.
    Special Education Office
    Telephone:  570-668-1901 ext. 2566

    FAX - 570-668-1278

    Shaina Gill, Administrative Assistant



    James Betz

    Director of Special Education



    James Hahn

    Assistant Director of Special Education



    Tracy Tomasura

    School Psychologist