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    with Mrs. Bubel


    Hello and Welcome!  I am the  elementary music teacher.  I will be teaching all general music classes and 5th grade chorus in the district.

    I do travel to all buildings so it is easiest to reach me by email.  I have listed below the cycle days and which buildings I am in.

    Day 1     Tamaqua


    Day 2     Tamaqua

    Day 3     Tamaqua

    Day 4     Tamaqua

    Day 5     Tamaqua/West Penn

    Day 6    West Penn


    I have a few fun music websites listed for you to try out and enjoy making music on.



        This website wil allow you to explore different types of music and select different features to enhance the music.



        This is the website for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and there are a lot of fun games and activities to play and do with music on this site.



        This is the website for the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra and like the Dallas site also has a lot of interesting music to play and create with.



         This website is for the New York Philharmonic and allows the students to explore the musical instruments and sounds of the orchestra.



         This website will take you on a musical mystery to find the lost music of Robbie's Grandpa.

    Music is  inventive and exciting and can be great fun for the students. 
    I hope everyone has a great year!
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