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    with Mrs. Bubel


    Welcome to a new year!  This year will bring new adventures and challenges but we will make sure to have fun along the way!


     Please follow the Google Classroom link for tonights Open House.  I will be available from 4:30-5:00 for any questions you have about music classes.  There will be a meeting code on the Open House Google Classroom page.

    Open House Google Classroom Code



    Here are the class codes for my google classrooms for each grade.  

    K+ & 1 Grade:  l7lx3j6

    2nd Grade:  7vu7k47

    3rd Grade:  h7dfavs

    4th Grade:  3xfbbjf

    5th Grade:  fhnq7fq


    As we go through the school year if you are a virtual learner please be checking in for your grade level once a week to see the activity that is posted for music.  There will at times be a question or activity that requires you to respond or complete something and return it.  If you have any problems with this feel free to email me and I will help walk you through it.  

    If you are an in-person learner and miss music the day I come to your classroom, feel free to access the grade level google classroom and work through the activity related to that week.

    I do travel between Tamaqua Elementary and West Penn Elementary, so it is easiest to reach me by email.  I have listed below the cycle days and which buildings I am in.

    Day 1     Tamaqua

    Day 2     Tamaqua

    Day 3     Tamaqua

    Day 4     Tamaqua

    Day 5     Tamaqua/West Penn

    Day 6    West Penn








    Music is  inventive and exciting and can be great fun for the students. 
    I hope everyone has a great year!
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