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     Back-to-School night Google Classroom code- bszfrdo

    Period 1 Y.E.S.- 5:00-5:13

    Period 2 Studay Hall- 5:14-5:27

    Period 3 Comp Apps Basic- 5:28-5:41

    Period 4 Y.E.S.- 5:42-5:55

    Period 5 Cafe- 5:56-6:09

    Period 6 Open- 6:10-6:23

    Period 7 Y.E.S.- 6:24-6:37

    Period 8 & 9 Co-Op- 6:38-7:00

    ***Y.E.S. Period 1 students- Google Classroom code - ghyuqub

    ***Y.E.S. Period 4 students- Google Classroom code - h2qclrn

    ***Y.E.S. Period 7 students- Google Classroom code - 22znpxr

    Virtual learners MUST click on "Meet Link" in their Google Classroom to virtually enter the class for attendance purposes

    " ...the chief business of the American people is business"
    Pres. Calvin Coolidge 1925
    "You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear."
    Sammy Davis Jr.
    "The end-game of education is employability"
    Mr. Matulevich
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