Please join the Google Classroom for tonight's Open House.  Any questions you have about gifted I will be available to discuss with you from 5:00-5:30.  There will be a meeting link on the google classroom Open House Page.
    Open House Google Classroom Code
    Please join the google classroom for your grade level. 
    4th Grade:  wnyc651
    5th Grade:  rebm32v
    For virtual students please check in at the beginning of each week to look for your ENRICHMENT activity.  Make sure to turn in your responses or answers to what you are asked in that activity.
    For in-person students you will also access the google classroom for ENRICHMENT activities each week and turn in your responses.
    All students....
    For ACADEMIC work that has been modified by your classroom teacher and myself, please be sure to check in that folder so you know what changes may be happening for certain assignments.  There will be times that you might be turning in work to me in the gifted google classroom or it might go to the regular classroom teacher.   This is a new experience for all of us, so please ask questions and reach out to me by email when you are looking for answers or need to talk about something.
    "If we only did things that were easy, we wouldn't actually be learning anything.  We would just be practicing things we know."
    -David Dockterman
    Elementary Gifted Services
    Samantha Bubel
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Last Modified on August 24, 2020