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    The fourth quarter deadline to test on books has expired. The AR password has been reinstated. If any student needs to take an AR quiz, they will need to contact their teacher for the password. Thanks for participating and have a safe summer.                   

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    6th Grade AR Point Chart

    7th Grade AR Point Chart

    8th Grade AR Point Chart

    Accelerated Reader and STAR Program

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    A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

    What it is -

    The Accelerated Reader program is an individualized reading program that is designed to encourage your child to read while fostering his/her skill as a lifelong reader.

    How it works -

    Your child will take one of four STAR tests this year to determine a reading range (ZPD) in which he/she may choose books. The student is retested each marking period as to fine tune their reading levels and allow for growth.

    The STAR test-

    is a computer-generated vocabulary test comprised of 25 questions. The reading range prevents students from choosing reading material that is too challenging or too easy!!!

    Book Selection -

    Students then individually choose books within their ZPD (reading range) that are appealing to them. Many times the librarian or teacher provides help with this selection, after discussing their preferences in reading and offering suggestions. Once finished reading their book, a student will take a computer-generated test containing comprehension questions from the book. Most quizzes have 10 multiple choice questions, but longer, more difficult books may include up to 20 questions.


    How are the tests graded?

    The computer immediately communicates the student’s results. Students must score at least 60% for 5 and 10 question quizzes and 70% for 20 question quizzes to earn any points. Points are then accumulated and totaled for the entire marking period. This program builds- never takes away points, so if a student does not do well on a test, they can move on to another book and start fresh.

    The Grading System -

    Please see the charts below.  


    Where will I see the Accelerated Reader (AR) grade?


    You will not actually see the AR grade as a subject on the report card. This grade is 10% of the Reading grade in the 6th Grade.(15% in 7th Grade and 20% in 8th Grade) AR quiz scores are also averaged into book talks and book reports in Reading and/or Writing. It is a big part of our curriculum and its importance has been stressed to the students.

    How much should my child read?

    Your child should read almost every night. It is good to set a goal—maybe 1/2 hour per night or a predetermined number of pages. Time is set aside each week, and in some classes daily, for your student to read while in school. Also 15 to 20 minutes are reserved in the Library Media Center during one Language Arts class per week to read, return/choose books, and quiz for all three grades.


    Study halls and 9th Period AR/Tutorial Study Halls are a good opportunity for students to dive into their reading material.


    What are Reading Logs?

    These logs are a record of a student’s daily reading. Logs are used to record the pages that students have read each day and are initialed by an educator in the school. Please initial the log as well for evening and weekend reading— it is great when we are working as a team to enhance your child’s educational experience!


    For more information on the Accelerated Reader and STAR Program click on the link below to reach the Renaissance Learning website.

    If you have any comments or questions about our Accelerated Reader program, please contact
    Mrs. Kristine Schellhammer