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    Welcome to the Wonderful World of .......ART!

    Ms. Kimberly A. Woodward

    (570)668-1901 7:30-3:00

    email: kimwoodward@tamaqua.k12.pa.us

    Room 111

    Are you creative? Have you always enjoyed "hands on" projects? Do you love using paints, ink and clay? Do you have the desire to create awesome projects but not sure you know how?
    Well, the Tamaqua High School Art Program will lead the way to an innovative future.
    While at Tamaqua High School you can expect to learn about many artists, styles and procedures.
    Below you will find the Art Electives Offered:
    Introduction to Art - this is a great art class to begin your high school art experience. We will dabble in all mediums from paint, to pastels, from line pencil drawing to 3D form. Take this class to see if art is something you would like to pursue.
    Drawing and Painting - you will get a deeper understanding of color mixing and combining lines to create dimension. Self Portraits, landscapes and interpretive paintings will be studied as well as learning about new artists.
    Advanced Drawing and Painting - the most advanced class offered for the truly creative student. Projects will be more time consuming and require precision and great detail. The goal with this class will be a lot of display both in school and the community.
    3D Design/Ceramics - innovation and thinking outside the box will help create projects that are not your typical paper and marker . Sculptures using recyclables, wood, wire, found objects as well as learning how art can change the feeling of space as well as why its used in public places. Ceramics will include tiling, slab construction, pinch pots, coiling and free form. Glazing and firing will be be done to have permanent art pieces to last a lifetime.
    Independent Study - students who have taken art throughout high school and may pursue art as an occupation will work on art independently with teacher approval during studyhall and their own time. Student will meet weekly with art teacher to review goal of each art project they pursue. Working on creating for a portfolio will be stressed.
    Included for all grades will be project based grades,  group work, oral presentations, critiques & art readings and factual based quizes
    Remember practice makes perfect...Keep practicing art at home.