Welcome to sixth grade.  My mission is to motivate and inspire students.  Having high expectations both academically and socially will develop better students.  Promoting mutual respect between teacher and students will build a better community by molding students into responsible, caring and compassionate individuals.
    Parents you should sign up for Remind so you can keep up to date on what is happening in the classroom. Send a text to 81010 and use the following codes.
    2nd period - @wen2ndmath
    3rd period - @wen3rdmath
    4th period - @wen4thmath
    6th period - @wen6thmath
    7th period - @wen7thmath
    8th period - @wen8thmath
    Google classroom
    2nd period - sze7cae
    3rd period - 46w3uzu
    4th - oo6mtni
    6th - lj55gtz
    7th - de6yrkm
    8th - l7gqpwe
    Code for open house - kvi3yfj
    Parents you may want to try and find a calculator for your child.  We use a Texas Instruments
    TI -30xs in class. You can find them on Amazon for $15. 

    Coach 6 -10