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    8th Grade Integrated Science
    Website address for online book: my.mheducation.com
    (Last update 5-16-24)
    Here are the Google Classroom class codes for Mr. Ruddy's 8th Grade Science classes:
    Open House 2023-2024 (syllabus) - ff2zgis
    Homeroom - 3iyubzo
    Period 2 Science - abt63d2
    Period 3 Science - ytmphom
    Period 4 Science - qsx7v22
    Period 7 Study Hall (LGI) - vytdtaa
    Period 8 Science - 6xscizd
    Period 9 Study Hall (Rm.341) - k6slb73
         Please join your respective class period if you have not done so yet.  Your first task will be to join my Google classroom.  Make sure you choose the correct class code.  For example, if you are in period 2, make sure you copy the class code that is after period 2. I will be assigning new materials that you will have to submit through Google Classroom.  Once you turn in the Google Classroom science assignments, you can't go back and resubmit. Those assignments are one and done. I will do my best to continually update your averages in the Focus grading system. Do your best to complete assignments on-time.  If you do not turn in assignments on-time, it will affect your homework (HCP) grade.  Best of luck, stay healthy, and stay socially distant.
    Mr. Ruddy
    *If you have an assignment that is not completed on time, you need to complete it by the next day to receive full credit.  If you turn in a late assignment past 1 day late, I will take a point off of that assignment for each day late (including weekends and holidays).  For example, if there is an assignment worth twenty five points and you turn it in 10 days late, the best grade that you can receive will be a 15/25. After 10 days late, the assignment will remain a zero for the quarter.
    * Integrated Science On-Line Textbook website (Course 3 - Owl on front)
    *Check out the NEW Google Classroom TODO List Q4 2023-2024 for a list of new daily assignments!  Make sure you check Google Classroom every day! (Quarter 4 officially started on Wednesday 3-20-24.)
    ***Important End-of-the-year Announcements***
    *The deadline to complete any missing Q4 assignments is Friday 5-17-24 by midnight.  If not completed by the deadline, the grade will remain a zero for the rest of the quarter / year.
    *Poster/Information Projects are due on Tuesday 5-21-24!
    *8th Grade Knoebel's Trip is on Wednesday 5-22-24!
    *The last day of school is Thursday 5-23-24! - 2 Hour Early Dismissal.
    Here is a link to check online grades.  All you will need is your child's login and password to their Chromebook to access their grades. 
    (This is also located on the Middle School Homepage.)
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