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    8th Grade Integrated Science
    website address for online book: my.mheducation.com
    (Last update 5-29-20)
    Here are the Google Classroom class codes:
    Period 1 - iy5czts
    Period 2 - fqkmhxc
    Period 3 - 7g2pn25
    Period 4 - xhzegau
    Period 5 - g42ztnr
    Please join your respective class period if you have not done so yet.
    Here is the following plan from the school.
    • March 25 - March 27 - Class Check-in and Communication
    • March 30 - April 8 - Review of Material
    • April 9 - April 13 - Easter Break
    • April 14 - Instruction of New Material
    • May 22 - End of New Instruction
    • May 26 to April 29th (3 PM) - Field Days / Credit Recovery (Google Classroom and Study Island Makeup work)
         Starting with the assignments on Tuesday 4-14-20 (Study Island 5A and the Jupiter and Saturn videos), I am assigning new material that you will have to submit in Google Classroom for Quarter 4. We finished up Chapter 13 - Minerals and Rocks on Friday, May 22nd and during the week of May 26 to May 29 we will be working on 4 field day project assignments and credit recovery. 
         Besides Google Classroom, I have also assigned 9 Study Island Assignments (5A-5I). You can go back and continue to work on Study Island assignments (deadline 5-29-20 3PM) until you get a blue ribbon, but once you turn in the Google Classroom assignments for the book, you can't go back and resubmit. Those assignments are one and done. I am constantly updating your averages in MMS as well. The absolute last day to make up any missing work will be Friday, May 29th by 3 PM. Best of luck, stay healthy, and stay socially distant.
    Mr. Ruddy
    *Beginning, Tuesday, May 26, 2020 through Friday, May 29, 2020, all students and faculty will be participating with Field Day/Credit Recovery (Google Classroom and Study Island makeup work).  The due date for all late assignments will be Friday, May 29, 2020 at 3 PM.  If you have any missing assignments from 4-14-20 to 5-22-20, this is the week you need to go back and complete those assignments. That is the absolute deadline to make up any missing Google Classroom assignments.  I will do my final grade check on Friday, May 29th at 3 PM.  Any assignments completed after this deadline will not count toward you quarter 4 average.
    *Intergrated Science On-Line Textbook webpage (Course 3 - Owl on front)
    *See the new Google Classroom Study Island Assignments Page for a list of assignments and due dates!
    *See the new Google Classroom TODO List for a list of new daily assignments!  Make sure you check Google Classroom every day!
    (Also located on the Middle School Homepage)
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