Life Skills Support/

    Full-Time Learning Support (Science & Social Studies)

    Grades 6, 7, and 8

    Mrs. Gudleski

    **Accelerated Reader (Library) Books should be read every night**

    **Spelling words should be written 10Xs each every night**


    Welcome to the Life Skills Support classroom (and Full-time Learning Support - Science and Social Studies), where students are taught Daily Living Skills, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies skills. Functional academics play a big role in preparing students for life after school. A high level of independence is stressed.  My goal is to help students understand and utilize material in everyday life situations.

    Students in the Life Skills Support classroom are assessed by the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment, using the Alternate Assessment Anchors and Alternate Eligible Content for Reading and Math. Students in 8th grade will be assessed on the Alternate Assessment Anchors and Alternate Eligible Content for Science. The curriculum will be based around these anchors. More information about PASA anchors and alternate eligible content can be found at:

    For ELA (English Lang. Arts) and Mathematics -



    For Science -


    Students in the Full Time Learning Support classes may take the Pennsylvania State School Assessment if they are eligible. More information can be found about PASA eligibility for students who require intensive, direct, and repeated instruction at:




    Period 1 – Language Arts

    Period 2 – Social Studies

    Period 3 – Prep Period

    Period 4 – LSS Life Skills Instruction

    Period 5 – Math

    Period 6 – Reading

    Period 7 – Teacher Lunch

    Period 8 – Science

    Period 9 - Study Hall


    Contact information:


    (570) 668-1210