• Life Skills Support Grades 6,7,8

    Mrs. Gudleski

    Google Life Skills Support Class Code - sgd5lpl 


    Activity Days: May 26, 27, and 28 (please submit activity form to one of your teachers)

    Last Day of School: May 29, 2020


    Schedule for Live Lessons

    (you must be online for lessons at these times!)

    Language Arts        Mon. 9:30-10:00          Wed. 9:30-10:00

    Math                  Mon. 1:30-2:00           Wed. 1:30-2:00

    Reading               Wed. 1:00-1:30           Fri. 1:00-1:30

    Social Studies        Tue. 10:00-10:30         Thur. 10:00-10:30

    Science               Tue. 11:00-11:30         Thur. 11:00-11:30

    “Specials”                   ???                    ???


    Distance Learning Log-In Procedures for Google Classroom:

    • Sign in to Google using the Tamaqua Google account.
    • For example, username.tams@tamaquasd.org and passwordtasd.
    • In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on the plus symbol to join a class.
    • Enter the class code provided by your teacher. Codes should be displayed on the teacher’s website.
    • Once the code is entered, you will have access to the classroom. 
    • https://classroom.google.com/c/Mzc5MTEwOTAwNzZa/a/NjA3ODM4ODI1NjBa/details


    STUDENT WORK:Please check in daily to your google classroom. Assignments will be posted on Mrs. Gudleski's googleclassroom page. 

    Starting March 30th many of the Math, Social Studies, Science, and Reading classes will be completed on the Mobymax Online Program that we have been working on throughout the year. I will be able to monitor this daily and help you as you go. Please follow directions to complete the assigned lesson topic. Submit answers when completed. There may be additional/alternate lessons and assignments on my google classroom page, so it is important for you to check in daily.

    Mobymax Online Program -www.Mobymax.com/signin - students have a username and password, if they dont remember it please contact me. After they put in username and password type in Tamaqua for the school name and click on Tamaqua Middle School. Go to the book icon and click math or Foundational Reading

    Math and Reading: Please complete one assignment in Moby Max Math and one assignment in Moby Max Foundational Reading daily. For now, this will be your grade for Math and Reading/Language Arts

    Language Arts. Please keep a journal to practice writing and pre-writing skills. This Journal should consist of daily living tasks that you have helped with, or done, at home during this time. For example, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, yard work, etc. You may submit a writing assignment or draw a picture of one task daily. Submit to my school email daily: bgudleski@tamaquasd.org or bgudleski@tamaqua.k12.pa.us.

    Social Studies and Science Please do one assignment from each subject under the Social Studies or Science headings. If you have any questions, please email me. For now, this will be your grade for Social Studies and Science.

    If you need any assistance understanding something that has been assigned or if you need more resources, let me know. Please also note that I have several non-graded assignments posted in Google Classroom. Your user ID and password are on the chromebook brought home.

    Below is a list of several websites that you can now use to help you practice academic skills. If you need any help with something that has been assigned for you, let me know. Your user ID and password are on the chromebook brought home.

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns at:




    (570) 668-1210


    Website Information:


    • Sign in to IXL through the website www.ixl.com.
    • Login with usernametams@tamaquaareasd and password. There are no periods in the username and NO additional characters after the password.
    • Once logged in students will have access to their assignments.
    • Students should spend ten minutes once a week answering diagnostic questions from the Diagnostic tab. 

    Accelerated Reader

    • Students must enter the link for AR through the library homepage on the middle school’s website.
    • Login with username.tams and regular password.
    • Search a book to take a quiz.
    • The password feature has been removed. 


    • Students must access through the website www.myaccess.com.
    • Login with username.tams and regular password.
    • Prompts will be assigned.

    Language arts and reading teachers will be using the following online resources:

    • CommonLit.org - articles with standards-based question sets
    • ReadWorks.org - stories addressing specific reading skills
    • Epic - online books and audiobooks with quizzes
    • Scholastic magazines - text from all genres with skills sheets
    • Newsela - articles with standards-based question sets
    • Grammar Bytes - grammar activities

    Some of these online resources will ask students to login. They should always sign in with their school Google account. In some cases a class code may be required. All class codes will be displayed on teacher websites. 


    Get More Math

    www.mobymax.com  Lang. Arts, Science, Social Studies, Numbers, Alphabet Letters, Foundational Reading

    www.splashlearn.com Math (class code NXHGAZ)


    myOn on “Library” page under AR Renaissance (Language Arts)

    Khan Academy (there are assignments posted on this site for Life Skills Support) – please contact me for your child’s ID, username, and class code.


    www.abcya.com students have username and password






    Students in the Life Skills Support classroom are assessed by the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment, using the Alternate Assessment Anchors and Alternate Eligible Content for Reading and Math. Students in 8th grade will be assessed on the Alternate Assessment Anchors and Alternate Eligible Content for Science. The curriculum will be based around these anchors. More information about PASA anchors and alternate eligible content can be found at:




    Period 1 – Language Arts

    Period 2 – Social Studies

    Period 3 – Reading

    Period 4 – Specials

    Period 5 – Math

    Period 6 – Teacher Prep Period

    Period 7 – Teacher Lunch

    Period 8 – Science

    Period 9 - Flex Period (Study Hall, Home Maintenance, Reading AR books, ...)