• Reading, Thinking, and Writing

    Ms. McCormick

    Room 349


    Tamaqua Area School District




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    Text to 81010




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    Period 1: qmbnlas

    Period 2: 2uscdow

    Period 3: yq454rg

    Period 4: iieb4ok

    Period 5: ogokfpo

    Period 6: 6kqierj


    To log in to Google Classroom, use: usernametams@tamaquasd.org and passwordtasd



     In this class, students will continue developing their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through analysis of literature, class discussion and projects, and expansion of writing skills specific to the enhancement of each unit. Class work includes but is not limited to:

    • Literature
    • Grammar, usage, parts of speech, literary terms
    • IXL grammar practices
    • Writing skills
    • Google Classroom and Commonlit assignments
    • My Access writing practice
    • EdPuzzle
    • Gimkit




    Literature and the Language Arts

    A Long Walk to Water

    Fiction and nonfiction books




    Each assignment will have a predetermined point value. Rubrics will be distributed to students in advance for major essays and assignments. Only students with a grade lower than 75% will receive a progress report at home mid-quarter. Grades are updated several times a week, so parents and students should check the FOCUS system regularly to watch for changes.



    Each unit of study will be assessed through comprehension questions, tests, writing assignments, or projects. Students may also be assessed through quizzes and practice assignments, and My Access evaluations will be taken into consideration as part of the student's writing assessment.




    Students will sometimes be given work to do outside of class. This may be reading or written work. Students are responsible for completing this work in a timely manner. Failure to do so will affect student’s grade. Also, students should be reading an Accelerated Reader book at home when no other homework is assigned.




    Plagiarism is the intentional theft of written material disguised as one’s original work. Any copying of three or more consecutive words from another source constitutes plagiarism. Students who plagiarize will be assigned a grade of zero and will be punished to the full extent accorded by school policy.


    Absentee Policy

    Students who have unforeseen absences will have time upon return to make up work. Students who have extended absences should meet with me to work out a plan to make up work. Those who are aware of absences (for example: field trips or approved vacations) must see me to get assignments two days prior to absence. It is the student’s responsibility to see me.


    Academic Support

    Students who are having difficulty with any aspect of this course are encouraged to meet with me for additional assistance. Students may ask at the end of their class period for a pass tocome to room 349 during ninth period study hall. Do not wait until the beginning of ninth period to ask for a pass. I will also be available most days from 2:00-3:00, and by appointment during the school day. On remote days, office hours are from 1 pm to 2 pm.


Last Modified on November 26, 2020