• Welcome to Mrs. Frantz's Webpage! 
    You are expected to check into my Google Classroom and GetMoreMath each day.
    Title I Grade 6 with class code voin4cd
    class time 9:15-10:00 (period 3)
    math lab 1:00-1:45 (period 8)-- Tuesday & Thursday
    Title I Grade 7 with class code 56kpobu
    class time 7:45-8:25 (period 1)
    math lab 10-10:40 (period 4)- Tuesday & Thursday
    Title I Grade 8 with class code 7qs2fue
    class time 8:30-9:10 (period 2)
    math lab 10:45-11:25 (period 5)- Tuesday & Thursday
     If you have any questions, contact me at mfrantz@tamaqua.k12.pa.us
    or (570)-778-5453
    ***If you have trouble with your homework,
    call me. I miss all of you!
    I will be on GetMoreMath during your class time and math lab time, so I will be able to see the problems you are working on and send you messages. You will be able to raise your hand, if you need help!
    Hang in there! We will get through this together! :)
Last Modified on April 1, 2020