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    Mrs. Amy Delpais
    Tamaqua Area Middle School
    Mathematics Department
    **Summer enrichment**
    Students taking PreAlgebra in 7th grade for the 2019 - 2020 school year can access "Get More Math" to practice specific topics.  Click on the link below for specific instruction.
    *important*:  Choose a new username.  If you use the username from the past school year, GetMoreMath will give you a message that it is already in use.  Technically, you are still enrolled in Mr. Wenzel's class.
    My Schedule:
         1st period - Title Math 7
         2nd period - Math 7
         3rd period - Title Math 6
         4th period - 7th Pre Algebra
         5th period - Prep
         6th period - Lunch
         7th period - 7th Pre Algebra
         8th period - 7th Pre Algebra
         9th period - Study Hall
Last Modified on June 13, 2019