The following guidelines have been established to ensure that dances can be a place where students can have fun safely

    1.       All school rules apply at dances.  Violations of school policy or building procedures will be subject to the consequences outlined in the student discipline code. Students may refer to the student handbook section on discipline.

    2.       A dress code will be provided.  Outerwear will not be permitted in the dance area.

    3.       Students who leave the dance will not be permitted to return.

    4.       Students suspected of being intoxicated, using drugs, or carrying alcohol, tobacco or drugs will not be admitted to the dance.  These students will be subject to disciplinary action and prosecution.

    5.       Any student who gains entrance to a dance by means other than purchasing a ticket will be removed immediately.  These students may be restricted from participating at future events.

    6.       Loitering or drinking in the parking lot is prohibited.

    7.       The Tamaqua Area Middle School reserves the right to prohibit any person from attending a dance in order to ensure the safety of those attending and to preserve the decorum of the event. 

       The eighth grade dance is the culminating social event of your middle school career.  While the dance is organized and sponsored by the parents of the eighth grade class, all school rules apply and will be enforced.



       Tamaqua Area Middle School follows the PIAA regulations for eligibility for all after school extracurricular activities and athletics.  For students involved in a sport or after school activity, ineligibility to participate will occur if the student is failing a minimum of two major subjects or one major and two minor subjects during the eligible period.  Students failing as per the aforementioned guidelines at the end of a marking period will be rendered ineligible for a period of 15 days.  Ineligible students may participate in a practice or rehearsal during an ineligible period, but may not participate in an athletic or extracurricular competition or performance.