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    November 2018

    Nov L  
    L to R:  Alexis Squyres, 8th; Ignatius Neifert, 6th;
    Chase Andrews, 8th; Angel Figueroa, 7th; Graycee
    Kovalchick, 7th; and Avery Dietrich, 6th.

    faculty nominated 55 students this month.

    October 2018

    Oct 18
    L to R:  Ava Hess, 6th; Makenzie Yarnell, 7th;
    Ashlyn Houser, 8th; Ryan Vecolitis, 8th; Jathan
    Krall, 7th; and Vincenzo Valentine, 6th

    The faculty nominated 51 students for October.

    September 2018
     Sept 18
     L to R:  Esmeralda Morales, 8th; Gianni Valentine,
    8th; Carl Townes, 7th; and Mason Ligenza, 6th. 
    Absent from the picture, Grace Slane, 7th and Bradyn
    Brothers, 6th.
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