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    November 2019
    TAMS faculty nominated 42 students for the month of November.

    November 19
    Seated L to R: Lyla Clemson, 6th Grade; Tiparth Soneja, 7th Grade
    Standing L to R:  Grant Johns, 6th Grade; Paul Young, 8th Grade;
    Metta Pavia, 7th Grade; and Jesse LaCrosse, 8th Grade.

    October 2019

    October 19
    L to R Seated: Shaina Ristila, 8th Grade; Kendra Forster, 7th Grade
    L to R Standing: Anthony Marchetti, 7th Grade; Luke Frohnheiser,
    6th Grade; Addison Rummel, 6th Grade; and Brian Heim, 8th Grade.

    September 2019

    TAMS faculty nominated 45 students during September.

    September 2019
    Seated L to R: Autumn Scott, 7th; Angelica Padilla-Wanser, 6th
    Standing L to R: Sebastian Wright, 7th; Stephen Behun, 8th; and
    Brady McCabe, 6th. Absent:  Ella Morrison, 8th Grade
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