• Transcript Request Form

    (Please allow 7 days for the information to be sent.)

    (Each college application requires a separate form.)

    (A standard $3 transcript fee is charged for each transcript sent. Payment is only required for graduates. Current students do not need to submit payment for transcript requests.)


    The guidance department accepts phone, faxed or mailed requests. We do not accept Parchment transcript requests.



    Please fax completed transcript requests to:


    Guidance Office

    Tamaqua Area High School




    Transcript Request Form

    (Please allow 7 days for the information to be sent.)(Each college application requires a separate form.)
    (A $3 Transcript fee for each transcript sent is required)


    Name:____________________________ Date:___________ Year of Grad:___________



    College Name:________________________________


    College Address  :_______________________________       Deadline Date:___________

    (if known)                                                                                              (if applicable)





    Application Information (check all that apply):                                                              
    ____ I am applying for early decision.
    ____ I applied online.
    ____Attached is the counselor/school report from my online application.

    ____No counselor/school report is required for my application.

    ____I mailed my application directly to the college with my application fee (if required).

    ____Attached is the counselor/school report portion of my application.

    ____No counselor/school report is required.

    ____My application is attached. It is complete and contains all appropriate signatures.

    ____ I have attached my application fee (if required).

    ____I have attached my essay (if required).

    ____I have attached additional documentation to be sent with my application.

    (Please list the attached additional information____________________________________________________________________________________)


    Recommended Information(Check all that apply):


    ____I have made arrangements with teacher(s) to mail a letter of recommendation directly to the above college. (Please provide the teacher(s) with a stamped envelope addressed to the college above. Also please ask the teacher(s) to send a copy of the recommendation to the Guidance Office for your file.)


    ____Please enclose a copy of recommendation letters from the following teacher(s) that are already on file in the Guidance Office.


    Teacher(s): ___________________________       ______________________________


    ____The application/counselor report form requires a counselor recommendation.


    Test information on Transcript (check one):


    ____Include my Keystone Scores (as required by the Department of Education).

    ____Do not include my Keystone Scores(although they are required by the Department of Education).


    ***Please note that families do not have access to the recommendations on file at the High School without the written permission of the Evaluator.***


    I give the Guidance Office permission to send my high school transcript.


    ____________________________________          ___________________________________

                                    Signature                                                  Parent Signature
                                                                                 (if student is younger than 18 years old)
    Note: Transcripts include SAT scores: however many colleges require SAT scores to be sent directly from the testing agency. Senior schedules and current report cards (if applicable) are also included.