• Summer School Course Schedule 





    Language Arts

    Mrs. Skuba

    Dates:  June 8,9, 13-16, 20-23

    Time:   8-12

    Social Studies

    Mr. Berezwick

    Dates: June 7-9, June 13-16, 20-22

    Time: 11-3

    Integrated Science

    Mrs. Klingaman

    Dates: June 20-23, 27-30, July 7&8 (the July dates I have to check on)

    Time: 8-12

    Special Education Lang. Arts

    Mrs. Gerber

    Dates: June 6-9, 13-16, 20, 27



    Mr. J. McCabe

    Dates: June 20-23; 27-30; July 5 and 6

    Time: 8-12

    Special Ed. Math 

    Mrs. Bachert

    Dates:June 6 - 9, 14 & 15, 20 - 23 with 6/27 - as a makeup day



    Mrs. Campomizzi

    Dates:  June 6-9, 13-16, 20-22 from 8-12, and  23rd from 7-9

    Summer School Information and Expectations

    • To enroll in Summer School, please contact the Tamaqua Area High School at 570-668-1901.  
    • Must have a 50% or higher and have completed the final during the school year to be eligible for Summer School.
    • There is no cost for Summer School with the course listed above. 
      There may be a cost for a course that is not being offered by TASD faculty.  
    • Arrive for classes on time.
    • Complete 40 assigned hours and all required assignments for each course enrolled to earn credit.
    • Must dress appropriately for Summer School.  Students do not need to wear uniforms but all shirts and pants/shorts should be an appropriate length for school.  
    • Please contact the Tamaqua Area High School at 570-668-1901 with any questions or concerns. 
    An additional online option will also be available at a cost. Please see the link below. Your child will receive a letter in the mail during the first week of June if they are eligible for summer school.