Summer School Course Schedule 





    Language Arts

    Mrs. Skuba

    Dates:  June 8,9, 13-16, 20-23

    Time:   8-12

    Social Studies

    Mr. Berezwick

    Dates: June 7-9, June 13-16, 20-22

    Time: 11-3

    Integrated Science

    Mrs. Klingaman

    Dates: June 20-23, 27-30, July 7&8 (the July dates I have to check on)

    Time: 8-12

    Special Education Lang. Arts

    Mrs. Gerber

    Dates: June 6-9, 13-16, 20, 27



    Mr. J. McCabe

    Dates: June 20-23; 27-30; July 5 and 6

    Time: 8-12

    Special Ed. Math 

    Mrs. Bachert

    Dates:June 6 - 9, 14 & 15, 20 - 23 with 6/27 - as a makeup day



    Mrs. Campomizzi

    Dates:  June 6-9, 13-16, 20-22 from 8-12, and  23rd from 7-9


    Summer School Information and Expectations

    • To enroll in Summer School, please contact the Tamaqua Area High School at 570-668-1901.  
    • Must have a 50% or higher and have completed the final during the school year to be eligible for Summer School.
    • There is no cost for Summer School with the course listed above. 
      There may be a cost for a course that is not being offered by TASD faculty.  
    • Arrive for classes on time.
    • Complete 40 assigned hours and all required assignments for each course enrolled to earn credit.
    • Must dress appropriately for Summer School.  Students do not need to wear uniforms but all shirts and pants/shorts should be an appropriate length for school.  
    • Please contact the Tamaqua Area High School at 570-668-1901 with any questions or concerns. 

    An additional online option will also be available at a cost. Please see the link below. Your child will receive a letter in the mail during the first week of June if they are eligible for summer school.

    Online summer school registration can be found here:

    Educere Summer School

    Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors that won an award/scholarship at the annual Night of Achievement Ceremony!

    Night of Achievement winners


    Congratulations! The students below were honored at the Schuykill County Scholars program today.

    From left to right: Mr. McCabe, Principal, Ryleigh Ford, Cole Ackerman, Amanda Wunderlich, Brady Sherry, Kaziah Mae Streisel, Laura Mace, Mrs. Shirvinski, Assistant Principal


     New Guidance Office Google Classroom!!! Use code: sseiuc7


    AAA is offering an extensive(and online) driver education course for new drivers--students who complete the 30 hour online program can receive a free AAA membership. Contact the guidance office or Lorrie Mulhall for more information at 570-622-4991. 


    The Morgan Success Scholarship has been extended through the year 2032. The application deadline for all LCCC materials to be submitted for the Class of 2023 is April 1st, 2023. The LCCC application, Morgan Success Scholarship application and the FAFSA form (FAFSA) need to be completed by April 1st in order for students to be eligible for next year's free tuition deal.
    If you have questions with regard to LCCC's courses transferring to other schools then please visit :
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