• LCCC has put ALL summer classes online in one format or another for the Summer. This includes the special June 1 starting session for  the recent Tamaqua Graduates with Morgan Guest or Morgan Success Scholarships.


    IF a class was already scheduled as a Distance Learning or Online class through the Canvas or Classroom web applications - nothing has been changed.


    IF HOWEVER a class was to be run in person, it will be a new mode of learning called Synchronous Virtual Face to Face and will occur at scheduled times and be run through a video conference like Zoom. 


    SENIORS: Please complete the senior survey below! 

    Class of 2020 Senior Survey


    ALL STUDENTS are encourgaged to complete a virtual "check in" with Guidance. Please select the link below if you'd like to check in with one of them.

    Guidance Check-In


    Mrs. Gross and Mr. Dickman are also available to meet with students via Zoom or Google Meeting. If you are interested in scheduling a virtual meeting then please email either counselor. Our intern, Mr. Shaffer, is also available to have meetings, please e-mail him directly to schedule a time.

    Mr. Dickman

    Mrs. Gross

    Mr. Shaffer


    Counselor Availability for Week of May 11th for Virtual Meetings


    Mr. Dickman-Monday through Friday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

    Mrs. Gross-Thursday & Friday 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM 




    Also, please see the link for Virtual Recovery Resources under our Resources and Articles Page for additional help during this difficult time. 


    Please be aware that due to the current public health concerns the College Board has made changes to AP testing this year. All of the information can be found here: AP Testing Changes

    Students now have the option to participate in AP testing online from their home. They also have the option to opt out of testing completely. A full refund will then be issued to the student. 

    The Night of Achievement Scholarships have now concluded for the year. Due to the current pandemic we will not be holding the Night of Achievement in its traditional format this year. We will be presenting the awards through a pre-recorded virtual ceremony posted on Friday, May 22nd.
    The school will continue to accept any Student Assistance Program referrals. The referral form can be found on the Guidance Information and policies page. Please email it to either Mrs. Gross or Mr. Dickman.
    The Morgan Success Scholarship has been extended through the year 2022. The application deadline for all LCCC materials to be submitted for the Class of 2019 is April 1st, 2020. The LCCC application, Morgan Success Scholarship application and the FAFSA form (www.fafsa.ed.gov) need to be completed by April 1st in order for students to be eligible for next year's free tuition deal.
    If you have questions with regard to LCCC's courses transferring to other schools then please visit :
Last Modified on May 13, 2020