I have the pleasure of teaching at Tamaqua Area High School since 1998.  During my time here I have taught Psychology, World Cultures, American Government, Economics,  and American History.  In 2004, I became the chairperson of the Social Studies department.  For the current school year I will be teaching American Government and World History.
    To me teaching is more than a job.  I love what I do and am committed to doing the best job that I can for my students.  I hold high expectations for all my students and will do everything I can to help students meet these expectations.  Feel free to email me at csegedy@tamaquasd.org.
    Here are my Google classroom codes for the 2022-2023 school year:
    Period 1 7cxntyy               Period 2/3  World History   opkmy6h           Mrs. Segedy's Homeroom zai6fdt
    Period 4  bfhswup                 Period 5  4jvmjtm             
     Period 7  pmqsckd              Period 8  x2lbg65
     Period 2/3 American Government    p2pkhj7
Last Modified on January 6, 2023