•   Mrs. Skuba

    Week of March 30-April 3:

    -Periods 1, 4, 5, 9:  An assignment will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Please coplete and return via Google Classroom. Continue to read your novels. The links are on the Google class site. Novels were assigned March 5 and are due April 7.

    -Period 8:  Assignments will be posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Please complete and return via Google Classroom. Your paper is due April 7 and should be sumitted via Google Classroom. 

    -Periods 2, 3: Your next speech is the Persuasive Speech. This will be due April 14. All information will be posted via Google Classroom. Speeches will be conducted via Zoom.

    ALL:  Please review the fiction elements PowerPoint. The links will be extremely useful!

    Fiction Review

    Please access google classroom for your class period. All class activities are posted. 

    Period 1:  m9m4gp

    Period 2-3:  faz6n0

    Period 4:  nmrrsx

    Period 5:  nuuvo5

    Period 8:  8758vyj

    Period 9:  57p0g7

    Public Speaking:  u7c7frf

    Just a reminder for Google Classroom -Your regular password needs to have tasd after it. Please see below.

    Student Access Logging in as a current student as of 8-26-19: Current students will need to log-in in the following manner: Username: (windows username) Password: (windows password+tasd)

    eg: John Someone Username: jsomeo.tahs  Password: p9er23tasd

    *New students enrolled after 8-26-19 (or if there is a problem with their account) will have a generic password of "raiders1" and will be prompted to change it after they log-in for the first time. It is advised that they change their password to the above mentioned standard.

    eg: John Someone Username: jsomeo.tahs Password: raiders1

    Parents:  Reference grades 24/7 at http://mms.tamaqua.k12.pa.us/mmsgb

    Contact me at anytime using the district e-mail: