•   Mrs. Skuba

    Please access google classroom for your class period.  Materials and announcmeents will be made via google. In the near future, quizzes and assignments will be given and completed via google classroom.

    Period 1:  m9m4gp

    Period 2-3:  faz6n0

    Period 4:  nmrrsx

    Period 5:  nuuvo5

    Period 8:  8758vyj

    Period 9:  57p0g7

    Parents:  Reference grades 24/7 at http://mms.tamaqua.k12.pa.us/mmsgb

    Contact me at anytime using the district e-mail:

     LA12: The Odyssey      Audiobook

    LA12H:  Note reading under your class tab.

    Les Miserables text

    Nov. 4-8:

    LA12G:  Students will read The Odysseus, work on individual projects, work on group projects.  Daily quiz offered.

    LA12V:  The Odyssey should be completed Tuesday.  Review for text on Wednesday.  Project work Wed - Friday. Test on Friday.

    LA12H:  Follow Les Mis reading schedule.  Subordinate clauses.


    Nov 11-Nov 15

    LA12V:  MCL:  Partner work is due Friday.  Student test due on Wednesday

    LA12G:  Read and work on projects.  Individual projects due Friday.

    LA12H:  See the reading schedule for Les Mis and continue grammar units