•   Mrs. Skuba

    Please access google classroom for your class period.  Information for your essay is on your classroom page.

    Period 1:  m9m4gp

    Period 2-3:  faz6n0

    Period 4:  nmrrsx

    Period 5:  nuuvo5

    Period 8:  8758vyj

    Period 9:  57p0g7

    Public Speaking:  u7c7frf

    Parents:  Reference grades 24/7 at http://mms.tamaqua.k12.pa.us/mmsgb

    Contact me at anytime using the district e-mail:

    PS: Outline Unit 1, discuss ethics and plagiarism. Quiz on Wednesday of circle of practice.  Demo speech on Tuesday, 1/28

    LA12 G/H:  oral quiz on Tuesday.  All classes will answer study guide questions for circle 7 - due Friday.

    All projects are due Friday, Feb. 7.