• Mrs. Klingaman
    Crater Lake




    Contact Information
    Tamaqua Area High School
    500 Penn Street
    Tamaqua, PA  18252
    E-Mail:  kklingaman@tamaquasd.org
    Phone Number:  (570)668-1901
    Fax Number:  (570)668-2970
    2021-2022 Courses
    Environment and Ecology - 9th grade
    Survey of Chemsitry - 11th grade
    Chemistry - 11th grade
     Class Schedule
    1st Period -  Prep
    2nd Period - Survey of Chemistry
    3rd Period - Study Hall
    4th Period - Environment/Ecology S
    5th Period - Environment/Ecology S
    6th Period - Lunch
    7th Period - Chemistry
    8th Period - Chemistry Lab
    9th Period - Survey of Chemistry
    Google Classroom Codes:
    Homeroom 311 - t3rraql
    2nd Period Survey of Chemistry(2022) - hzug2yc
    4th & 5th Period Environment and Ecology S(2022)- 3pkiuhc
    7th Period Chemistry - ttvpj5o
    9th Period Survey of Chemistry(2022)- wglqort
    Environmental Club - 6732bnx

     Courses Taught
    Environment and Ecology - 9th grade
    Honors Environmental Science/Ecology - 9th grade
    Biology - 10th
    Chemistry - 11th
    Survey of Chemistry - 11th grade
    Virtual Academy - All Sciences
    Bachelor of Science, Biology:  Microbiology/Cell Biology
         Kutztown University, 2000
    Master of Education, Secondary Education:  Curriculum and Instruction
         Kutztown University, 2006