• Survey of Chemistry

    Chemistry:  Concepts and Applications, Phillips, Strozak, and Wistrom.  McGrawHill-Glencoe, Copyright - 2005.
    There is an online version of the textbook, self-checking quizzes, practice tests, and a math handbook.  This an excellent resource to use.
         Website:  http://chemistryca.com
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    Integrated Science I (IS-I) is and introduction to the basic concepts of chemistry.  It is meant for students that are not pursuing a career in chemistry.  IS-I will associate the science of chemistry with everyday life.  Students will meet for an additional laboratory period on day a week.

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    Chemistry...is one of the broadest branches of science, if for no other reason that, when we think about it, everything is chemistry.
    Luciano Caglioti, "The Two Faces of Chemistry"

    Topics Covered

    • Chapter 1 - Chemistry:  The Science of Matter 
    • Chapter 2 - Matter is Made Up of Atoms
    • Chatper 3 - Introduction to the Periodic Table
    • Chapter 4 - Formation of Compounds
    • Chapter 5 - Types of Compounds
    • Chapter 6 - Chemical Reactions and Equations
    • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    • Additional Topics