• Computer Programming II

    Introduction to Programming with C++, Fourth Edition


    Course Overview:  This course introduces object-oriented computer programming using the C++ programming language.  Topics include input/output operations, iteration, arithmetic operations, arrays, object-oriented principles, and other related topics.  Upon completion, students should be able to design, code, test, and debug C++ language programs.


    Instructor:   Mr. Thomas Kanger   (570) 668-1901
    Email               tkanger@tamaqua.k12.pa.us  
    School            www.tamaqua.k12.pa.us

    Course Info.   www.course.com


    When:  M-F   
    Where:  Room 107

    Method of Teaching: Lecture and discussion, using computer/PowerPoint demonstrations.

    Textbook:  Zak, Diane: Introduction to Programming with C++, Fourth Edition.  Course Technology Incorporated, 2005, ISBN 0-619-21711-1


    Note: The student files used in the course will be copied to your W: Drive.  They can be found on the web at www.course.com.  Have your ID and Password to every class.


    The content and/or sequence of this outline may vary in order to meet individual class and instructor needs.


    Topics to be covered include:

    ·        Introduction to programming

    ·        Algorithm design and refinement

    ·        Function and class naming conventions

    ·        Creating, saving, retrieving, modifying, and executing programs in

          Microsoft Visual C++.NET

    ·        Data constants

    ·        Arithmetic operations

    ·        Variables and declarations

    ·        Output formatting

    ·        Integer qualifiers

    ·        Assignment statement

    ·        Library functions

    ·        Relational and logical operators

    ·        Selection methods

    ·        Repetition methods

    ·        Defining user-defined functions

    ·        Arrays

    ·        String manipulation

    ·        Data structures

    ·        Data files

     Academic Integrity:

    All graded work, including homework assignments, is expected to be your own