• Scratch/Visual Basic

    Course Overview:  This course introduces the student to event-driven object-oriented programming using Scratch Building Blocks and Microsoft Visual Basic.  It is an introductory course intended for students with little programming experience.  Students learn how to plan, code and debug basic applications as well as the principles of a well-designed graphical user interface.  The course includes writing a Visual Basic Code.

    Instructor:    Mr. Thomas Kanger (570) 668-1901

    Email              tkanger@tamaqua.k12.pa.us  

    School           www.tamaqua.k12.pa.us

    Course Info.  www.course.com

    Where:  Room 107

    Method of Teaching: Lecture and discussion, using computer demonstrations


    Programming in Scratch will be a course about just that - how to make computer programs using one of the friendliest programming languages ever created.

    This course is listed as a Computer Science course. That's because programming is an important tool that computer scientists use in their work. However, that doesn't mean that computer science and programming are the same thing: computer science is the study of how computers work and what we can do with them, while programming is simply one way to write out those solutions. So, a huge focus of this course will be not just on how to use Scratch, but how to solve interesting problems and make cool things with the help of a computer.

    Visual Basic Files will be provided by instructor when necessary.

    Class Schedule:

    M-F 42 Minutes


    An Overview of Block Coding(SCRATCH) and Visual Basic

    Tutorials 1-10 for Visual Basic

    Lessons A, B and C under each area
    1 An Introduction to Visual Basic
    2 Designing Applications
    3 Using Variables and Constants
    4 The Selection Structure
    5 The Repetition Structure
    6 Sequential Access Files, Menus, and Reports
    7 Dialog Boxes and Error Trapping
    8 Random Access Files
    9 Database Access
    10 Variable Arrays

    Academic Integrity:

    All graded work, including homework assignments, is expected to be your own