Class Expectations/Syllabus

    Accounting I


    Class Description:


    ·        36 Weeks (full year) course covering principles of accounting, recording, classifying, and summarizing financial information.

    ·        Accounting Cycle: Business follows a sequence of procedures or steps in keeping their accounting records.  This sequence is called the Accounting Cycle.

    ·        Businesses classified by their activity:


      • Service Business- Sells Services
      • Merchandising Business – Sells Merchandise
      • Manufacturing Business – Manufactures goods for resale




    • Learn the accounting cycle for a service business
    • Complete a project manually following the accounting cycle for a service business
    • Learn the accounting cycle for a merchandising business
    • Complete a project manually following the accounting cycle for a merchandise business.
    • Understanding of how accounting affects everyday life and events.


    Means of Instruction:


    • Lecture
    • Hands on assignments
    • Individual and group projects
    • Student led discussions


    Means of Assessment ( Student Average = Students Points/Total Possible Points)


    • Chapter Tests (90%)
    • Chapter Workbook Pages and Questions (10%)
    • Quizzes (Points Vary) Random and If Necessary
    • Progress Reports every 4 ½ Weeks
    • Final Grade: 10% Final Exam 10% Mid-Term Exam and 20% Each Quarter Grade


    Participation: Everyone is expected to participate in classroom activities.  We will hold random question and answer sessions to check learning.  Failure to participate in classroom activities will result in the application of graded quizzes to check learning. “Please Participate”


    Text:  A text will be issued to you at the beginning of the term, you must get a cover on them within 1 week or you will loose 10 Points.  Damaged texts will result in a monetary fine or replacement cost paid by the student. 


    Classwork/Homework:  Classwork and homework are the same.  Actual homework is usually assignments not completed during your class time.  If you miss a class it is your responsibility to complete it as homework on your time (study hall/after school/home).


    Student Expectations:

    • Attendance
    • Complete Reading Assignments
    • Complete Workbook Exercises and Problems In FULL
    • Complete the Questions for each chapter
    • Complete Projects as assigned
    • Materials: Pencils, Ruler, and Calculator


    Academic Detention:

    ·      Academic detention will be given to any student who is struggling in class academically or who is not doing as well as he or she should be as determined by the teacher, parents, or administration.
    ·     Academic detentions will be held from 2:30 pm. to 3:00 pm.  Students will be notified at least 24 hours prior to the detention so as to accommodate transportation after school if necessary.
    ·     Missing academic detentions is considered cutting and assigned area and will result in a Level I offence and progress as more are missed.  Parents will be notified in all cases of academic detentions.



    1.   I will be excited to teach you all I know about how this class can help you in the “Real World”.

    2.   You need to be responsible to pass this class.

    3.   I will treat you as you treat me.