Grading System

  • Health and Physical Education grades will be determined in the following way:


    Each class, students will have the opportunity to earn a total of 4 points.

    1 point for being RESPONSIBLE. (Students will have proper clothing/sneakers and will adhere to all safety rules.)

    1 point for demonstrating SPORTSMANSHIP. (Students will be respectful to teachers and students.)  

    1 point for PARTICIPATING and giving a GOOD EFFORT. (Students will actively participate and give their best effort during class.)

    1 point for UNDERSTANDING skills/concepts that are taught. (Students will demonstrate an understanding of various skills/concepts.)



    Total points earned will be divided by total points possible to determine a percentage. The following key will be used in determining a student's overall letter grade for Health/Physical Education.

    100%-90%   O

    89%-80%     S+

    79%-70%     S

    69%-60%     S-

    59% and below  U