• In First Grade, we use a color-coded behavior chart. The color codes are:


    Great Job: Purple

    Good Choices: Blue

    Ready to Learn: Green

    Think About It: Yellow

    Consequence: Orange

    Parent Contact: Red

    Each student starts on the color green every day. If they stay on green it means that the student had a good day! Students are able to move up the color chart if they go above and beyond and demonstrate positive behavior within the school. If students make poor choices throughout the day, they move down on the color chart.  Students will have the opportunity to make good choices and move back up at any time!

    At the end of the day, all students will mark their behavior chart (which is located on the back of the blue communication folder) with the color they were on for the day. If a student was on either yellow, orange, or red, a number or note will be written in the box to explain the reason for the color.  Please initial each box, so you can be involved in promoting positive behavior! :)