Google Classroom Codes

  • Please use the following list of codes to join your individual class. Remember, when you login to your Google classroom, click the plus sign at the top of the page and then enter the correct code.

    Google Classroom Codes

    P1: yblllcg
    P2: an7d456
    P3: leubbkx
    P6: p5odn4v
    P7: jdoxlax
    P8: l5yfy4n
    1. Remind App: type in the code to join your class period

    P1  @p1lae

    P2 @p2lae

    P3 @p3lae

    P6 @p4lae

    P7 @p7lae

    P8 @p9lae


Last Modified on August 9, 2023