• Tamaqua Area School District - First Grade


    ELA - 

    Program in use:  Adventures of the SuperKids

    Our program consists of direct phonics instruction, reading for fluency, vocabulary, and writing.  Below you will find links to the PA State Standards and Common Core Standards that are taught within this program.


    Tentative Schedule:

    1st 90 Days (Review Unit-Unit 8): The link below will address skills taught during this time.

    PA Core Standards for ELA and Adventures of the Superkids 


    2nd 90 Days (Unit 9- Unit 16):The link below will address skills taught during this time.


    PA Core Standards for ELA and Adventures of the Superkids


    Math -

    Program in use:  enVisionmath2.0 Common Core Grade 1 2016 edition


    The enVision math program is used in first grade.  It is a program consisting of 16 topics.  It is aligned with Pennsylvania's Common Core Standards.  Your child will be presented with a new lesson daily.  Homework will be given to provide extra help with a skill that may be difficult, and to reinforce the lesson for the day.  Please sign homework.  Be sure to visit the Pearson website and use the login information provided.  Below you will find the tentative schedule of the curriculum.


    First 90 days of the school year:

    Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems to 10

    Fluently Add and Subtract Within 10

    Addition Facts to 20: Use Strategies

    Subtraction Facts to 20: Us Strategies 

    Work with Addition and Subtraction Equations

    Represent and Interpret Data

    Extend the Counting Sequence


    Second 90 Days of the school year:

    Understand Place Value

    Compare Two-Digit Numbers

    Use Models and Strategies to Add Tens and Ones

    Use Models and Strategies to Subtract Tens

    Measure Lengths


    Reason with Shapes and Their Attributes

    Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles



    Program in use:  Mystery Science


    PA Science Standards 


    Unit covered tentatively in the 1st 90 Days:

    Plant and Animal Structures and Survival


    Units covered tentatively in the 2nd 90 Days:

    Sun, Moon and Stars

    Light, Sound and Communication

     Social Studies

    Current events through Scholastic News Weekly Reader.


    Tentative Calendar