• The main topics from our enVision 2.0/SAVAAS Math series are listed below:


    Quarter 1

    Topic 1: Understand Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers

    Skills: Repeated addition: multiplication on a number line: arrays: commutative property

    Topic 2: Multiplication Facts - Use Patterns

    Skills: Strategies for multiplying by 0, 1, 2, 5, 9, 10 

    Topic 3: Apply Properties - Multiplication Facts for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

    Skills: Distributive property: strategies for multiplying by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8: associative property: multiplying 3 factors


    Quarter 2

    Topic 4: Use Multiplication to Divide - Division Facts

    Skills: Division as sharing: repeated subtraction: relating multiplication and division: use multiplication to divide by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: patterns for multiplying even and odd numbers: division involving 0 and 1

    Topic 5: Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100

    Skills: Patterns for multiplication facts: use a multiplication table: use strategies to multiply: multiplication and division word problems: writing multiplication and division word problems

    Topic 7: Represent and Interpret Data (Taught in Science/Reviewed in Math)

    Skills: Read, interpret, and make picture graphs and bar graphs: solve word problems using information in graphs


    Quarter 3

    Topic 10: Multiply by Multiples of 10

    Skills: Use an open number line to multiply, multiply by multiples of 10  

    Topic 8: Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract

    Skills: Addition properties and patterns: round whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100: relate addition and subtraction

    Topic 9: Fluently Add and Subtract Within 1,000

    Skills: Add 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping: add 3 or more numbers: subtract 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping 

    Topic 6: Connect Area to Multiplication and Addition

    Skills: Cover regions: area with standard and non-standard units: area of squares and rectangles: area and the distributive property: area of irregular shapes

    Topic 16: Solve Perimeter Problems

    Skills: Understand perimeter: perimeter of common shapes: perimeter and unknown side lengths: same perimeter/different area: same area/different perimeter

    Topic 11: Use Operations with Whole Numbers to Solve Problems

    Skills: Solve 2-step word problems (addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, all operations)


    Quarter 4

    Topic 14: Solve Time, Capacity, and Mass Problems (Taught in Science)

    Skills: Time to the minute: elapsed time: time word problems: estimate liquid volume: measure liquid volume: estimate mass: measure mass

    Topic 12: Understand Fractions as Numbers

    Skills: Divide regions into equal parts: understand the whole: number line fractions/less than one: number line fractions/greater than one: line plots and length

    Topic 13: Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

    Skills: Equivalent fractions: compare fractions/same denominator: compare fractions/same numerator: whole numbers and fractions

    Topic 15: Attributes of Two-Dimensional Shapes   

    Skills: Describe quadrilaterals: classify shapes: analyze and compare quadrilaterals

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