Tamaqua Area High School Music Ensemble Grading Policy



    The following policy has been adapted by the Instrumental and Vocal Music staff as a means of coordinating the musical ensemble grading policy at the Tamaqua Area High School.


    It is a time honored tradition in music that everyone’s involvement is needed at all times. However, situations arise when the ideal is not able to be realized. Therefore, for fairness throughout the high school music department, the following guidelines will be put in place.


    All students in each musical ensemble will begin each marking period with 100 points.


    Students will be permitted three (3) absences because of illness or away from school related functions (ie. School sponsored field trips).


    Prolonged illness will require a doctor’s note for extended consideration by the ensemble director.


    Additional absences of any kind will result in a two (2) point deduction from the grade upon each occurrence.


    Unexcused absences from required performances will yield an eight (8) point deduction or the lowering of one letter grade, whichever is greater.


    Excused performance absences will be equal 2 of the 3 rehearsal absences allowed for the band and 1 of the three rehearsal absences for the chorus. For example: A pre-requested family function with required parental note!!


    For winter and spring major school concerts ALL MUST ATTEND!! Legal illness from the school from these concerts will require a playing/singing exam with the instructor at a mutually acceptable time.


    Virtual Student Grading

    Students that are virtual for any reason are expected to be present daily virtually for choir class. Attendance will be taken and calculated the same as in-person choir members. (see above)

    Note: Virtual students will be expected to submit audio/video recordings of choral songs currently being studied for grading. The recordings will serve as a substitute for in-person choir participation grade.

    Virtual students are expected to attend all scheduled live performances!

    Failure to submit recordings and attend live performances will result in the lowering of one's grade as well as the possibility of being suspended from participating in future performances.



    Check Mr. Buglio’s webpage for important performance dates and chorus information.