• Classroom Policies & Rules



    1. Be on time - in room/cyber classroom, in seat. After 3 late arrivals - referral for detention or for cyber students, a report to the office..
    2. Bring your Chromebook, notebook, pencil/pen a to class with you. You are not going back to your locker.
    3. Trips to the lav, nurse and guidance are to be reserved for true emergencies.
    4. Stay in your seat unless you ask.
    5. Submit homework to the Google classroom. Late assignments will receive partial credit.
    6. Extra time is to be used for homework, reading, tutoring, and studying. Or, play math games on  Coolmath.com
    7. See me to get the work you missed when you were absent if you cannot find it on the classroom. (at thebeginning/ end of the period)
    8. Gossiping, talking, wasting time, and sleeping will not be allowed. You will be reported to the office on a discipline referral.
    9. RESPECT is the bottom line.
    1. Homework is graded daily and counts for 50% of the quarter's grade.
    2. Tests are posted online and announced at least 2-3 days ahead of time. They count for 50% of the quarter's grade. Test questions usually come directly from homework assignments.
    3. I deduct points on late assignments. Unless your child was absent, I expect homework to be submitted the day after it is assigned oon the date posted in the Google classroom. 
    4. Notebooks use to be collected and graded each quarter. Notes counedt as a double test grade. Now they are just a resource to use on a test day to help them.
    5. If your child is absent, he/she can check the Google classroom for their assignment or see me. I give 2 days after an absence for homework to be submitted unless it was an extended absence. Cyber students can see me at 2:00 for help by appointment. 
    6. A comprehensive final exam is given at the end of each semester and it counts as 10% of the total overall grade with each quarter's grade counting as 45% of the total overall grade.


    We will cover the following topics:

    • adding, subtracting, mulitplying and dividing whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percertanges

    • applying basic operations to integers

    • learn properties of addition and multiplication

    • use positive, negative and zero exponents

    • product and quotient of powers

    • square root

    • pythagorean thoeorem

    • solving and graphing equations and inequalities

    • slope intercept form, slope, distance between point