• Google Classroom

      • Sign in to Google using your Tamaqua Google email.
      • For example, username.tams@tamaquasd.org and passwordtasd.
      • In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on the plus symbol to join a class.
      • Enter the class code provided by your teacher below. Once the code is entered, you will have access to the classroom. 
      Some teachers have added you to the class already and just need you to accept or join the class. Once you accept, you have access to the classroom. Most of you have already joined. 


    Google Classroom Codes for specific classes:

    6th grade Learning Support Reading:  n3sylqq

    7th grade Learning Support Reading:  t4mt4bi

    8th grade Learning Support Reading:  dgdxakp

    FTLS (full time learning support) Reading:  nkndd3o

    Life Skills Support Daily Living:  sgd5lpl (in Mrs. Gudleski's classroom)

    Autistic Support Daily Living: 3jtavux