Online Sites

  • Distance Learning Log-In Procedures


    Google Classroom

    • Sign in to Google using your Tamaqua Google email.
    • For example, and passwordtasd.
    • In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on the plus symbol to join a class.
    • Enter the class code provided by your teacher. Codes are displayed on the teacher’s website. Once the code is entered, you will have access to the classroom. 
    • Some teachers have added you to the class already and just need you to accept or join the class. Once you accept, you have access to the classroom.



    • Sign in to IXL through the website
    • Login with usernametams@tamaquaareasd and password. There are NO periods in the username and NO additional characters after the password.
    • Once logged in students will have access to the practice questions and diagnostic.
    • Students should spend ten minutes once a week answering diagnostic questions from the diagnostic tab. 





    • Access through the website
    • Login with username.tams and regular password.
    • Prompts will be assigned.


    Language arts and reading teachers will be using the following online resources:

    • - articles with standards-based question sets
    • - stories addressing specific reading skills
    • Epic - online books and audiobooks with quizzes
    • Scholastic magazines - text from all genres with skills sheets
    • Newsela - articles with standards-based question sets
    • Grammar Bytes - grammar activities

    Some of these online resources will ask students to login. Always sign in with your school Google account. In some cases a class code may be required. All class codes will be displayed on teacher websites.