• Class Syllabus & Expectations


    Honors Environment & Ecology

    Mr. Joseph Holland


    Class Description:


    Honors Environmental Science and Ecology is a course designed to provide students with a foundation in numerous aspects of the natural environment and the roll we as humans play within it.  The course exposes students to many of the scientific, social, political, economic and ethical concerns that exist in Environmental Science today.  Students will have hands on experience with the local habitats as they perform biological, chemical and physical assessments of the Little Schuylkill River.  In addition they will stay up to date with global issues as well by blogging on current event topics in the latest headlines.  They will also design and carry out their own research project on a related topic of their choosing.  They will present their project at the science fair, giving them a chance to showcase the knowledge, skills and opinions that they will develop throughout the school year.  In short, the intent of this class is to foster thought and understanding that will empower students allowing them to make informed decisions and promote a sustainable future.



    Class Objectives:



    Students will:

    1.     Identify and examine current environmental issues that are affecting our present and future societies.

    2.     Discuss and debate the actions needed to sustain a healthy environment.

    3.     Evaluate the impact and importance of selected environmental issues on individuals and groups.






    • Wetlands and Watersheds
    • Ecosystems and their Interactions
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    • Environmental Laws
    • Agriculture and Society
    • Environmental Health
    • Threatened, Endangered, and Extinct Species
    • Humans and the Environment
    • Population
    • Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
    • Related Topics of Student Interest





    • Tests  =  100 pts each
    • Projects (any assignment requiring more than 1 day to complete)  =  40/50 pts each
    • Lab and Quiz  =  20/30 pts each
    • Homework (Vocabulary/Current Events/Etc…)  =  10/20 pts each
    • Extra Credit  =  Points Vary


       Marking Period Grade  =  Total Points Earned / Total Points Available  


       Final Grade = (Q1 x .2) + (Q2 x .2) + (Q3 x .2) + (Q4 x .2) + (MT x .1) + (F x .1)



    Missed Work:


    1)    You are responsible for all missed assignments due to absence. If you are absent the day of a test you will be expected to take it the day you return to school.  Alternate arrangements will be made for extended absences.


    2)    Missed assignments can be found in the Missed Homework File in the classroom.



    Rules and Expectations:


    • Respect the teacher
    • Respect your classmates
    • Respect yourself.
    • Respect the classroom.
    • Arrive on time (Three late arrivals will result in a detention.  Discipline reports will be filed for any more than three)
    • Bring all needed materials to class.
    • No eating or drinking
    • Follow directions
    • Remain on task and do not disturb classmates
    • Raise your hand for permission to speak or get out of your seat.
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