• The following exams are completed at each grade level in grades K-5 as listed below:


    These services are Pennsylvania MANDATED school health services


    • PHYSICAL EXAM: Every student is required to turn in a physical examination form from either their private doctor or the school doctor by the end of their 1st grade year.  If you choose to have the school doctor see your child for their required exam, it will be at no cost to you. 
    • DENTAL EXAM: Every student is required to turn in proof of a dental exam in grades kindergarten OR 1st AND 3rd grade.  If you choose to have the school dentist perform this basic screening exam (no cleaning of the teeth is involved) at no cost to you, please request a consent form from the school nurse.
    • BMI Screening:   Every student will have their BMI measurement calculated yearly.  This is completed by obtaining a student's height and weight.  BMI screenings are done confidentially and your child's weight is never shared with anyone other than you (the parent).  BMI letters are always sent home in a sealed envelope. 

    • VISION Screening:  Every student will receive a standard vision test every year.  This test is performed using a vision screening tool that assesses near and far vision.  A referral for a followup eye exam with an eye doctor will be sent home if your child fails the screening.  Please remember if your child fails a screening it does not necessarily mean they need glasses. However, vision issues can affect a student's ability to learn and are most easily corrected at a young age, so it is important a failed vision screen be followed up on by an eye physician.     

    • HEARING Screening: Students in grades K, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd will receive a hearing screening test. Hearing loss in children can affect their ability to process information being taught in the classroom.  If your child fails 2 separate hearing screening tests, a referral will be sent home for a physician or hearing specialist to evaluate your child.         


         The school nurse is available to provide care for acute illness and injuries occurring during school.  It is important to remember that nurses are not licensed to diagnose an illness or injury and if you have a medical concern regarding your child it is recommended you contact the child's physician directly.