• This school year students will come to me for an hour of reading and an hour of English Language Arts.  Any student who receives Title I services, will be with Mrs. Ansbach for reading.  All material we do in class will also be available on our Google Classroom Page.  (Code inip6ii).


    Reading-  For reading we will be using different stories and various skills and vocabulary from the Reading Street series from Pearson Realize.  The textbook can be accessed online (  Each story will take about 6-7 days to review, followed by a test.

    Language Arts-  We will cover a number of different grammar topics this school year.  We will review the grammar skills daily.  A typical topic for grammar will be tested every 6-7 days.  


    Spelling-  Each spelling unit will consist of 20 words that follow a spelling pattern or phonics rule. Students should have their words written down inside of their planners to study every night.  Spelling tests will happen every 6-7 days, just like the language arts tests.


    Writing-  We will practice writing in class throughout the year.  We will work on different writing samples, but only one writing assignment will graded each marking period.


    Language Arts, spelling, and writing will be averaged together into one grade at the end of each quarter.  I will keep grades up to date.  Progress Reports will be sent home to every student halfway through the marking period. 


    All homework assignments and information can be found under the calendar section of my school website.  Homework will also be posted on the Google Classroom page.


    Here are some resources to help your students:

    IXL (Great for reviewing grammar)


    Spelling City (Good tool for studying spelling, more info will come home on how to log in)


    Khan Academy (Free website to sign up for, great tool for some grammar mechanics, math, and science)


    Writing for Kids (Great videos on how to start the writing process for different types of writings)