• Romeo & Juliet Act I

    Romeo & Juliet Act I

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  • Romeo & Juliet Act II

    Romeo & Juliet Act II

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  • Romeo & Juliet Act III

    Romeo & Juliet Act III

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  • Romeo & Juliet Act IV

    Romeo & Juliet Act IV

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  • Romeo & Juliet Act V

    Romeo & Juliet Act V

    Visit the link below for an audio of the play! It will read the text to you, and has comment boxes you can click on which will clarify different portions of the text. There is a direct link to the the website under each Act Review PowerPoint.


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  • Thematic Essay

    Thematic Essay

    A theme is an overall message or lesson that a writer wants the reader to get when reading a piece of literature. Smaller written works may have one theme, while larger stories like Romeo & Juliet may have several themes for a reader to discover. It is important to remember that a good theme always runs throughout the entire story. You should always be able to see examples of the theme in the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Click on the "Thematic Essay" link above for more information on themes found within Romeo & Juliet, as well as several resources which will help you write your essay!

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